Boxing Bag 100cm Filled with Chain

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The Tunturi 100cm Punching Bag is the perfect punching bag for home use. With a length of 100 cm is suitable for children up to the age of 8-9 years.

Have fun on a punching bag.

A punching bag is perfect to go on the loose after a hard working day or possibly for someone who likes to do a martial arts training at home. The punching bag is easy to hang on to the supplied chain.


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Firm packing and always with chain.

The punching bag is made of a sturdy and strong bisonyl material. This bisonyl is made of one whole which makes the punching bag very durable and sturdy. The suspension loops of punching bags are double stitched making them extra strong. To hang a punching bag has a chain included.

Choose the right length punching bag

For every athlete there is another punching bag. As a user boxers punching bag to 100 cm while kickboxers choose a punching bag from 120 cm. The longer the punching bag, the more weight there in fact is. This will ensure that the punching bag will be heavier and therefore depends firmer. In the overview the proper length unmatched so far can be chosen.

70 cm +/- 14kg: Children up to 8-9 years
80 cm +/- 25kg: Children under 12 years / Boxers
100 cm, +/- 30kg: Use for boxing
120 cm, +/- 35kg: Use for kicks and punches
150 cm, +/- 40kg: Use for kicks and punches
180 cm, +/- 45kg: Use for kicks and punches

Brand: Tunturi
Supplier Code: 14TUSBO070

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