Cross Fit Trainer

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With the Tunturi Crossfit Training Set you train on your own location in your own way. This crossfit suspension trainer is fixed to a fixed point with a special multifunctional anchor cord. A tree, a beam, a lamppost, it does not matter. The only condition is that this point must be firm. You can easily make the crossfit trainer longer or shorter by attaching the handles with a click system to another ring of the main cord. Just like the foot loops and olympic rings. This means that you can do ring exercises, but also hanging exercises. There is even a pulley with which you can perform moving suspension exercises.


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The set consists of:

– 2 foot loops
– 2 handles
– 2 main cords with 10 metal D rings each
– 2 multifunctional fixing cords with door anchor
– 2 rings
All parts are supplied in a handy carrying bag and two nylon bags for the cords and the pulley cable.

Brand: Tunturi
Supplier Code: 14TUSCF001

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