ProForm Carbon HIIT H7

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Train higher and train harder with the ProForm Cardio HIIT H7, combining an elliptical and a stepper for a workout that activates more muscles, and burns more calories. Features include a unique 10” vertical path, SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance system with 24 digital levels and a 7” full colour touchscreen display.


More Than a Membership.

Say goodbye to extra costs and inconvenience. When you start your 3-year iFIT membership, you’ll be spending less and enjoying more.
  • Home workouts mean less travel and more family time.
  • No need to show up to personal training sessions that cost a fortune and only last half an hour.
  • You gain back the time you need to cool down and relax after your workout.
  • No need to dress to impress. Wearing the same workout clothes as yesterday? Nobody will ever know.
  • Stop tracking your stats manually. With your iFIT membership, your HIIT Trainer tracks your journey from the moment you start to the moment you’ve reached your goal.
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