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The LMX1506 LMX. Suspension Trainer PRO is great for any functional training room as well as at home and when travelling!
This suspension training kit allows you to train at any location.
This high quality original LMX. suspension trainer is comfortable and safe to use making it suitable for intensive commercial use.
Maximum capacity: 500 kg


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The LMX1506 LMX. Suspension Trainer PRO consists of the following components:
– two ergonomic handles
– anchor strap
– two adjustable hand lines
– LMX. bag
– door anchor

Note: the suspension trainer can be used in various environments, including outdoors. Always check for wear on the nylon straps before use. Always make sure that the object to which the system is attached is strong enough to withstand the forces released during exercises and that it does not chafe.

Brand: Lifemaxx
Supplier Code: 12

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