Tubing Set with Grip, Light, Yellow

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The Tunturi Tubing Set gives you an effective total body workout. The Tubing Set creates a quick and fun way to stay fit. The Tunturi Tubing Set is suitable for home use and easy to take with you when you travel.The set exists of three products. First, a double tubing with 2 grips and a 170 cm length for training with both hands. The second product is a double tubing with a 40 cm length and a sindouble grip. And finally, there is a Tubing set with a round tubing of 20 cm.Tubing cords create a healthy and safe way of working out which can take place anywhere. You can easily take the product with you to the gym or on your holiday. There are three levels of resistance: Light (yellow), Medium (Green) and Heavy (black).


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Most important features

  • You can workout anywhere
  • Safe for your body
  • Workout by using your own body weight
  • Small chance of injuries
  • Easy to take with you to the gym

Brand: Tunturi
Supplier Code: 14TUSFU253

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