Weider Pro 4500 Multigym

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Weider’s Pro 4500 Multi Gym distinguishes itself through its versatility. Various exercises are possible, for the upper body in particular. Thus the butterfly station is suitable for targeted chest muscle exercises. The Weider Pro 4500 Multi Gym’s chest press also targets the chest and arm muscles. The upper pulley, repectively the lat pull tower with bar, is suitable for the targeted exercise of the back and shoulder muscles. The Weider Pro 4500 has an ergonomic preacher curl which helps define the upper arm muscles. The lower pulley makes for even more variety with regard to upper body exercises (e.g. arm curls or rowing exercises). The padded leg curl for exercising the front and rear thigh muscles (extension or curl) is a good counter balance to the upper body exercises.


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  • Weight stack: 85kg (15 x 5,5)
  • Exercise stations:
    – butterfly
    – lat pull-down
    – leg curl
    – low pulley
    – chest press
    – preacher curl
  • Max. weight load:
    – butterfly (max. 44 kg)
    – lat pull-down (max. 101 kg)
    – leg curl (max. 114 kg)
    – unterer Seilzug (max. 109 kg)
    – chest press (max. 84 kg)
  • Max. user-weight – Weider Pro 4500 Multi Gym: 135 kg
  • Dimensions set-up – Weider Pro 4500 Multi Gym: (L) 165 cm x (W) 95 cm x (H) 195 cm

Brand: Weider
Supplier Code: WEEVSY3426

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