Set of Selector Dumbbells 25kg (Pair)

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This adjustable dumbbell Tunturi offers the possibility to train with a selection of 10 different weights with only one dumbbell. The settings you Weigh down the dumbbell by 2.5 kg. This system replaces 10 separate dumbbells by this adjustment. As a result, it is not necessary to purchase 10 different dumbbells but there is enough variation is possible with only one dumbbell.


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For a good grip is the selector dumbbell with a comfortable rubber padding on the handles. This makes the Tunturi dumbbell holds tightly and it is well in hand during training or workout.

The weights are set by pressing the red button next to the discs. By pressing the red button, the weight on the side of the dumbbell can be selected. Because of these settings, it is the ability to set in 10 different weights.

To easily set the dumbbell will upon delivery of the Tunturi Selector dumbbell delivered a hard plastic plate. On the plateau keep the weight plates are not used during training, for example, 10 kg. In addition, the selector dumbbell can be placed as the dumbbells are not used.

With a maximum weight of 25 kg and dimensions of (LxWxH) 40 * 20 * 23 cm Tunturi Selector dumbbell suitable for many exercises. The dumbbell can be used for exercises in small spaces.

The Tunturi neoprene dumbbell is very comfortable thanks to the soft top layer of the cast iron.

The surface is rough for a good grip.
The coating Ensures That the surface is not damaged.

These dumbbells are very Suitable to train the whole body during the “total body workout” all muscle groups be improved.

Brand: Tunturi
Supplier Code: 14TUSCL383

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